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Trailer Repair and Maintenance

What kind of trailer repair would you like? Full range of general to specialty services, trailer repair and maintenance on tires, axles, brakes, suspension and more, and a full range of specialty services. They offer safety inspections, tire rotations, and a nationwide breakdown warranty.

The most common trailer maintenance tasks are an inspection of the brake system. A simple visual inspection of brake components will allow the owner to determine if repairs are necessary or preventive maintenance visits can be taken to avoid problems. Preventive maintenance is important in preventing trailers from needing to be towed repeatedly because of brake problems. In addition, a qualified professional can advise on the best means of travel for a particular trailer. They can help determine the best trailer to tow, what equipment is needed, and if towing is cost effective or dangerous.

In addition, a trailer service professional can provide safety inspections for all types of trailers. These inspections include the basic elements of the trailer structure and components, as well as an overall inspection to identify any potential safety hazards. Safety inspections not only help owners prevent trailers from needing to be towed multiple times; they can also help them make informed decisions when choosing trailer repair or trailer service providers.

Many companies provide trailer repairs and services. However, it is important to research several companies prior to making a commitment to one. It is also a good idea to request free estimates and/or photographs of previous work completed. For those who are not sure what kind of services are needed, seeking the services of a company that specializes in used trailers may be the best option.

Some trailer repair technicians offer preventive maintenance and repairs. Technicians employed by these companies can clean the hitch, fluid and gas lines to ensure proper operation. They can also clean the brake calipers and disc brakes to prevent potential leaks. Technicians trained to work on motorized trailers can also clean the wiring and inspect and repair leaks and cracks. Preventive maintenance technicians are responsible for ensuring that all required parts of a trailer are properly maintained. If a leak comes into the system, these technicians can ensure that the leak is fixed before it causes any damage.

Lift gates and bumpers are often neglected by trailer owners. Unfortunately, many of these parts wear out after a short period of time. Lift gates need to be maintained regularly, as they are used to secure the trailer to the ground. Damaged bumpers can prevent the trailer doors from opening and closing, and repair technicians trained to work with these parts can make the doors function again.

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