Why You Should Consider Concierge Medical Services.

Most doctors don’t spend more than 16 minutes with their patients. In that duration they are expected to fully analyse their patients. It is impossible to create a physician patient relationship during that short period. This is why you should consider concierge medical services. Concierge medicine is whereby you pay an extra fee annually to have unrestricted access to your doctor. Concierge medicine has gained popularity over the years due to its numerous benefits. In this article, we will discuss some of those benefits.

One of the benefits is you receive longer appointments with your doctor. Your doctor has more time to discover more about your health issue. They will take more time understanding your symptoms and medical history. Concierge medicine improves your overall health.

So that they can have more time, they don’t have a long list of patients. This allows them to spend more time with their patients and build a good relationship.

This option gives you more availability with your doctor. You don’t have to stay long in the waiting room before you see the doctor. They are easily accessible. With this option, you can book an appointment with your doctor the same day. The doctor is not in a rush to see other patients.

Concierge medical services also offer preventive care. Since you spend a lot of time with the doctor analyzing your symptoms, problems and medical history, they will be at a better place to offer you recommendations for care plans for prevention. They will be able to find a cause for your condition. Concierge medicine in the long run ensures you spend less time making hospital visits. Some of the ways you can reach your concierge doctor is through a call, email or text. Access to your doctor is easy through this option.

Apart from preventive care, you also receive overall care. Your concierge doctor’s main goal will be to improve your future health. Your overall health will improve with this option, hence you don’t have to spend much time going to the clinic for treatment in future or spending much on health care.

They will also help you in finding the right specialist for your condition. People with chronic diseases are advised to consider concierge medical services.

Concierge medicine is also cost effective. Concierge doctors using preventive care will reduce the need of having to do several tests and procedures in the future, so that they can know your diagnosis. If you want to save money in the long run, you should consider it.

If you want a doctor who does not rush your appointment and is easily available, concierge medical services is the way to go.

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