Sinaloa cartel remains immune to internal struggles of organized crime and

the federal government. They remain the largest and most cohesive in Mexico and

continue to grow steadily making progress in the territory of enemies. Expansion of this

organization has been most evident in the states of Durango, Michoacan, Mexico City and


STATE OF MEXICO / MEXICO D.F.􀂾Tecamac (Mexico – Pachuca highway) – Two unidentified males found executed along


􀂾President Felipe Calderon’s government has hired a New York based law firm to

investigate possible civil lawsuits against U.S. gun manufacturers or dealers, for what

Mexican officials consider the companies’ responsibility for guns that are smuggled to

Mexico‘s drug war.


LSD is being sold or given away to children in form of stickers: “Blue Star”, “Red Pyramid”,

“Window Glass”. Stickers are about the size of a colored pencil eraser and each star is soaked

with LSD


􀂾Miguel Alemán – Gunmen enter town and set fire to businesses, burned gas stations, car

lots, Ford dealership, bank and convenience stores for three hours. Gunmen fire weapons

and throw grenades throughout the town. MX military arrives after three hours and Military

headquarters is only 8 minutes away. GULF CARTEL THEN RELEASES PUBLIC

􀂾San Fernando – MX Army arrest Municipal Police Officer Joel Resendiz Moreno forinvolvement in the 145 bodies found in mass graves. To date, 77 people have been

arrested for their involvement, including 17 municipal police officers

􀂾Attorney General’s office announced that so far have found 177 bodies in narco graves in

the state, of which 122 are related to the disappearance of passengers on buses. The other

55 have been executed/buried before the bus kidnappings/executions


Although it is impossible to confirm her story, it may explain the motive for at least some of the

murders in San Fernando, those of migrants that were taken off the buses and killed. She is

from the city of Guanajuato and explains how human trafficking networks operate.

“You have to find a good, experienced ‘pollero’

(human trafficker) first of all, not the young

unreliable punks starting out. The payment is

collected in U.S currency once the pollito

(client) is delivered to the agreed upon point

after crossing the border, usually paid by a

family member already residing in the U.S. If

they don’t deliver the pollito, they don’t get


“First you have to pay a deposit of 4,000 pesos

to the pollero. This money isn’t his but is used to

pay the ‘cuota’ or tax charged by Los Zetas for

safe passage of every migrant traveling through their territory. There are Zetas in every “central

de autobuses” or bus depots, definitely in the states of Guanajuato and Zacatecas. They are there

to collect the tax from the polleros for all the clients that will be crossed into the U.S. They also

make note of all the migrants that don’t pay and the buses they are traveling on. Sometimes a

young pollero will keep the deposit and not pay the Zeta or will promise that they can make the

journey without paying. Or sometimes the migrants travel on their own to save on the costs.”

“After paying the cuota the pollero is given a comprobante, or receipt, that should ensure safe

passage through Zeta territory and be honored by other Zeta cells and this usually works

smoothly. Your pollero has to have that comprobante if you are stopped by other Zetas, if not

there may be severe consequences. The Zeta receipt can also work against the pollero if he is

stopped by a contra (rival) group. He might even be killed for paying the Zeta tax and the

clients will be taken away. This can happen if your crossing the border at Reynosa or

Matamoros where the Gulf cartel is in control. The pollero can pay a second cuota to the Gulf

gangs but if the Zetas find out they may kill him.”

“The polleros are astute businesspeople and usually pay only one cuota. In our case we got off

the bus about 10 miles from Reynosa and walked cross country in a wide arc around the city to

avoid being kidnapped or killed by the Gulf people for not paying their cuota. We didn’t have a

CDG comprobante”


􀂾Santa Catarina (La Colorada) – Subjects arrested on Monday in connection to the Narco

graves confess that they “cooked” their victims in acid, diesel, and then bury the

remains in the excavations, on orders from the boss.” One of the nine graves had at least

two charred bodies

􀂾Cadereyta – 25 policemen and 15 traffic officers detained this week for involvement in

organized crime, released due to insufficient evidence

􀂾SantiagoGunmen attack three people eating at restaurant. Two dead/one wounded.

Victims: Nelson Alexis Guerra Silva (17) and Francisco Miguel González Cavazos (22)

􀂾Guadalupe – Two unidentified males found executed/handcuffed/face wrapped in tape

􀂾Escobedo – Federal police arrest four gunmen who stated that they were hired as assassins

and received payments of 10 mil pesos pos quincena


􀂾Allende – Increased violence in town since March 18. Gunmen destroying homes and

setting fire businesses. Children and adults have disappeared

􀂾Torreon – Gun battle between policemen and gunmen. Two gunmen killed/two policemen



􀂾Ciudad Juarez – Gunmen attack funeral home and set on fire for not paying extortion money

(20 mil pesos week)

􀂾Ciudad Juarez (colonia Paseos Vallarta) – Three unidentified males executed in park

􀂾Ciudad Juarez (colonia Niños Héroes) – Unidentified female executed outside residence

􀂾Ciudad Juarez (colonia México 68) – Unidentified male executed on street

􀂾Ciudad Juarez – César Sergio Miller Ortiz ‘El Fiurer’ (22) executed while in vehicle outside

grocery store. Arrived to Juarez threw weeks ago from Nebraska


􀂾Nuevo Guaymas – Fermín Lara López, shot 10 times by gunmen while he was in the

backseat of vehicle. Two others in vehicle unharmed. Vehicle: Cadillac Avalanche with

alligator seats.


􀂾Culiacan89% of murders this year are “executions“. In 2010, 91% of murders were

classified as executions.

􀂾Badiraguato – MX Army seize arsenal of weapons buried in plastic bins. Seized:

5 AK-47/6 (calibers .223, 30-30, and .22)/5 pistols/55 magazines/157 rounds ammunition/4

kilos marijuana/20 kilos marijuana seeds/7 kilos poppy seeds

􀂾Mazatlan –Tepic Highway – Gunmen stop passenger bus and rob driver and passengers of

money and valuables.

􀂾Mazatlan – High school teacher, Heriberto Tirado Velázquez (47) and Antonio Patrón

Arvallo (54) both found executed.


􀂾Durango41 corpses now recovered from one clandestine grave, so far. 37 bodies were

recovered on Wednesday and Thursday. 17 corpses recovered from second narco grave site

in Providence neighborhood. 58 total corpses recovered from both grave sites. There is no

more room at morgue to store bodies. Refrigerated trucks being rented

􀂾Durango – Gunmen set fire and kidnap 14 people from three homes. Gunmen poured

gasoline throughout homes and set fire. Five Narco messages found in different parts of the

city making threats with rival groups

􀂾Durango – Prison guard, Javier Enrique Flores Soto (25) executed while driving

􀂾Santiago Papasquiaro – MX military arrest four gunmen. Seize: weapons/111 kilos



􀂾Jauja Camichín – Three unidentified males found executed

􀂾Pantanal – One unidentified male found executed


􀂾Quitupan – Gun battle between MX Military and gunmen after approaching building used as

a laboratory for drug development. Two gunmen killed. Seized: 8 weapons/11 grenades/37

magazines/ammunition. Arrested:

Oliveros Cárdenas y Coyt López

Rigoberto Oliveros Cárdenas “El Cacu”

José Manuel Coyt López “El Quecha”


􀂾MX military arrest two Gulf Cartel kidnappers. Both kidnapped Rodrigo Elizalde Mora “El

Chemis,” member of South Pacific Cartel “Pacifico Sur”, who was captured on April 14,

2011. Gulf Cartel plaza boss in Morelos nicknamed “El Arqui”

Arrested: Daniel Rosales Najera “El Barni” (26)

Santiago Miranda Catalán “El Flais” (34)


􀂾Acapulco (colonia Nabor Ojeda) – Three gunmen pour gasoline on house and set on fire.

􀂾Acapulco – José Lino Abarca Jirón (80) executed by four gunmen who dragged him out of

his garage.

􀂾Acapulco (Colonia Progreso) – Two unidentified males executed outside “Las Chivas” bar

by gunmen traveling in two vehicles

􀂾Acapulco (Petaquillas) – Gunmen execute one male known as “El Quemado” and wound

Vicente Mendoza Avila (52)

􀂾Acapulco (Colonia Ampliación Emiliano Zapata) – Three arrested after crashing their

vehicle while being chased by MX military. Seized: AK-47/ammunition. Arrested: Éder

(17); Anselmo (12); Miguel Ángel Ayala Alemán (21)

􀂾Petatlan – MX environmentalist, Javier Torres Cruz executed. Known for speaking out

against drug traffickers cutting down trees to plant poppies


􀂾Cancun – Federal Police arrest Marco Antonio Gómez Rodríguez, lawyer for LOS

ZETAS. Marco helped Zetas manage ransom and extortion payments, which were

sometimes handed over in the form of property deeds. Marco participated as a go between

in negotiating ransom payments from relatives of businessmen who had been

kidnapped in the Cancun area


􀂾Guanajuato – MX military locates narco laboratory. Seize:

360 kgs de polvo blanco / 220 kgs de sosa caustic/555 kgs de acetato de sodio/ 2,800 litros de

sustancia líquida desconocida / 600 litros de líquido, al parecer ácido



􀂾Knights Templar logo: Crusader wearing medieval gear/white robe marked with a red cross.

Insignia is meant to evoke the Familia’s ideology, and their “crusade” to rid Michoacan of

their hated rivals, the Zetas.

􀂾Familia Michoacana logo: Use eagles, symbol of Mexican nationalism. Gold-plated logo

that appears to represent a “Commander Shark” (Comandante Tiburon) of the Gulf Cartel

with a shark popping out of Tamaulipas

􀂾Gulf Cartel logo: Depicts Mexico and Tamaulipas state, and a “Z” sign to represent Zetas,

the group’s former armed wing.

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